I Mirabilia

Interaction Design Master Degree, IUAV, Venice
Supervisors Philip Tabor and Gillian Crampton Smith
Built with Arduino and Processing
Video intro by Marco Paccagnella

Winner of Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2011, Non-Browser Based category, Interactive Media.

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I Mirabilia (“The Wonders”) are a family of three interactive dolls for hospitalized children. Through different interactions and behaviours they allow children to improve their relationships in hospital with other people, like doctors, psychologists and similarly hospitalized children.


Odo is a secret keeper who helps the child, in particular one just hospitalized, to fight the guilt, anguish and fears typical of a child in hospital. Difficulty in expressing these negative psychological states to unfamiliar people like doctors and nurses is solved by Odo, who becomes a unique intermediary between the child’s unconscious and the psychologist.

Odo, the interaction


Lucio is a quiet and silent friend who, during a night of discouragement and solitude, creates contact between two friends. Through a soft exchange of lights and vibrations, Lucio establishes between two children the mutual sympathy and helpfulness typical of the deep friendships started in hospital.

Lucio, the interaction


Tello is a fun storyteller who makes socializing easier in waiting rooms. Waiting for their daily visits, shy children can use Tello to create a cooperative tale using sounds and storytelling and thus make new friends.

Tello, the interaction

The report (italian with english abstract)