Users and personas

The main users are hospitalized children aged 6-12 with those particular diseases which force them to stay in hospital frequently and/or for a long time such as terminal illnesses, cyclic therapies, recurring hospitalization, etc.. Other stakeholders are the family, nurses, psychologists, doctors and all those who take care of the psychological aspects of the children.

I created four personas to understand in what ways I Mirabilia could reach the users in everyday life:

Carolina, 8 years old

• She has been living in the hospital of Florence for the past three weeks
• She really likes reading adventure books, her dog Sofia and playing with puzzles
• She is extroverted and fun
• Her main fear is the dark

Paolo, 10 years old

• He’s just started the therapy and has to go to the day hospital twice a month
• He likes action movies and drawing with watercolors
• He is shy and quiet

Arturo, 45 years old, psychologist

• Arturo works in the cancer ward of the hospital of Florence
• He is married to Laura and they have two children, Luca and Federica
• In his spare time he plays guitar and chess with his friends

Roberta and Carlo, 35 and 38 years old, educationalists of the games room

• Roberta loves playing tennis and usually she watches cartoons after dinner with her daughter
• Carlo is an elementary school teacher who teaches twice a week at the games room of the hospital
• He goes to the theatre with his wife and he likes handcrafted things

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