Design and interaction


Lucio is suitable for all periods of hospitalization. It is thought to improve and strengthen the mutual support that starts in a friendship between two children in these kinds of situations. Lucio allows them to communicate thanks to a soft and gentle interaction based on haptics. From 9 pm to 7 am, if a child feels scared, or simply needs the presence of someone else, they can send a sort of call for help receiving a feedback from his/her friend. The video below shows how it works.

LUCIO, interaction (HQ video)

The color code of the lights is easy to understand: the red light with its speed is a kind of alarm, while the blue light is intended to make the child feel calm and relaxed thanks also to the purring sound.


As with the other two dolls, Lucio is made of colorful cotton, which changes its texture according to the interactive areas. He recalls a sleeping cat: sleeping, because he has to be used during the night and transmits his quietness;a cat, because one of the haptic used is the vibration which reproduces a cat’s purr.

Lucio will be delivered to the children who come into the hospital by the nurses who will take care of them during the night.

User test

I interviewed a 10-year-old girl and she was really involved in trying Lucio. She told me that it would be a perfect way for her to communicate with her friend and feel close to her at all times. (The images below always show the same girl for a reasons of privacy).

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